Commission me!

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Thank you in advance! Here you can look at my price list before going to the Google form which will collect your commission request. If you have not yet seen my portfolio page, you can go there and look at what I can offer you.

Character drawings/illustrations:
Lineart Coloured Cel-shaded
Up to shoulders €10 €15 €20
Waist-up €15 €25 €30
Full height €20 €25 €35
Any additional characters are €5 less.
I can also do:
Prop art: €20–40 Prop design: €30–60
Character design: €40–70
Reference sheets: €40+
Traditional art in pencils (priced the same as digital art)

I operate through Paypal and charge customers in euros. These prices are unlikely to change much, but I do charge extra for complicated features such as detailed wings or props. To make a commission, fill out the commission form. You can message me directly afterwards or wait for my response.

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