The hero who once made a frog croak

Image was too ugly
to release publicly
Hae Jung in February 2020
in her stupid,
unfashionable rags

Hwang Hae Jung (환 해중, born February 29, 1996) is a huge dummy, and that's that on that. The best thing Hae Jung has done and the most importnat achievement she will be remembered for is, despite her moronity, somehow managing to get a bachelor's degree in applied metaphysics at Meralia National University (2018) and then fooling around during her entire 2 years (2019–) as a graduate student at Moscow National University of Metaphysucs, while she could be saving lives — provided, of course, that she weren't such a massive fool.

Hae Jung is set to star in this trilogy of short stories, of which the first one has been written already, but I hide it from the world because it's currently unreadable and I've gotten too sick of it to edit it.


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