The hero who once made a frog croak

Hwang Hae Jung

Materials for biography

Hae Jung in February 2020

1. Personal history

1.1. Early life

Hwang Hae Jung was born on February 29, 1996 to a family of two. Her young parents were comfortably positioned in the middle class back then, but took a significant financial hit when Hae Jung was in first grade of school. Around that time young Hae Jung began to showcase a notable talent for space manipulation magic. Her parents loved that their daughter was so gifted, though they wished that she would study harder. Little did they know that their wish would come true tenfold very soon.

At the age of ten Hae Jung suddenly transformed into an actual savant overnight, to the shock of everyone who knew her. Few were the problems she was unable to tackle: she became the best student in her class, showed a talent for piano, and even her magical abilities became so strong that she had to get registered in a government agency. Even her charm as a person has increased so much that she had to try extra hard to leave a bad impression on someone. Attention followed her like a spotlight, and it was all good attention. The future was looking extra blight for the new Hae Jung, and soon after getting used to her social transformation she had set her eyes on the grand prize, a ticket into the big life for any child.

On her 12th birthday Hae Jung announced her goal to get into the most prestigious magical school there was on the planet: Roccaluce Academy, hidden in the Italian mountains, the center of gravity that was setting the modern magical science into motion. Only a year and a half did it take for the born anew genius to prepare for the grueling entrance exam — all while the reasons for her sudden ascension were still unknown to any doctors, psychics or aging gossipers from her hometown. Still, nobody could even doubt that Hae Jung wouldn’t return from the excruciating two hour fight against paper, neurons and hundreds of other applicants without getting anywhere less than the top ten.

Hae Jung, however, was suspiciously coy about her performance on the exam, acting strange in the weeks that followed, preferring to just sleep off entire days in her room. Everyone just smiled benevolently at the whims of their young genius. All of that changed when news broke out that Hae Jung had barely got through the first 14 questions, tragically failing the expensive exam the results of which were always publicized. The attitude to the girl had changed momentarily, the disappointment too harsh to have a chance of coexisting with the previous presuppositions about the star child. A wave of panic followed, severely straining even Hae Jung’s parents’ relationship with their unruly daughter. After several rounds of analyses at the best psychiatrists, mediums and exorcists the verdict came in: Hwang Hae Jung, the pride of her town, had made a deal with a demon. One would have expected a flurry of outrage sweeping across the community – but instead this all was such a big betrayal of everyone’s hopes that Hae Jung had faded into complete obscurity in just a matter of days.

1.2. The 2014 Winter Olympics incident

The XXII Olympic Winter Games took place in the city of Sochi, Russia from 7 to 23 February 2014. As per tradition, protecting the peace at the event was the International Stereotype Organization, the largest magic-specializing secret agency in the world, true to its principles of protecting peace and prosperity ever since its formation mere days after the capitulation of nazi Germany in 1945. A warning has to be made that the following section, while only containing mostly verifiable events, makes no attempt to lead the reader to any conclusions, as all involved parties have been secretive about the events that transpired.

A fair assumption can be made that the Olympics, despite ISO’s best efforts, fell under the influence of a large Stereotype: a noospheric event that transforms the behavioural and thought patterns of sentient beings inside it for the purpose of carrying out some predestined scenario. The nature of the Stereotype at the games is unknown, though it probably was bound to the presence of a few key individuals, one of whom was then 13 year old Miguel N. from Brazil, the grandson of the conductor performing at the games. It is known that ISO recruited Miguel for the duration of the Games, strengthening the hypothesis about his connection to the Stereotype.

Traces of temporal manipulation, an anthill of space pockets, many of them still open as of 2017, and the subsequent intense Mandela effect among the visitors to the games suggest a tense standoff, the full scope of which may never be known to the public. It is known thanks to the work of Internet sleuths that Hwang Hae Jung, then 16 years old, despite no business being at the Games, arrived there alone as early as February 14 and stayed until the end, being seen in the company of Miguel N. and his other companions. As Hwang Hae Jung is in no way a public person and makes an effort to avoid being visible on social media, efforts to contact her for information are discouraged.

2. Education and scientific work

In 2018 Hwang Hae Jung has received a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics (the study of physics enhanced by magic fields, not to be confused with a branch of philosophy) at the National University of Meralia (located in the city of Dratisia, where coincidentally the ISO’s headquarters also stands). 2019 saw her enrolling as a grad student into the Moscow State University of Metaphysics under the tutelage of the world-famous professor Matilda Frühaufsteher.

Reportedly, Hwang Hae Jung’s decision to pursue further education was preceded by a cryptic lead that in the summer of 2019 has led her to a supposed discovery of a new spatial phenomenon, tentatively and somewhat nondescriptively named ‘Haze’, even though reports indicate that this phenomenon appears as thick mist. The Haze seems to be linked with psychological conditions of severe pathological absent-mindedness, axiological crises and a drive to disappear, though the mechanism of this connection is unknown.

The Haze appears to be home to a small group of extremists calling themselves the “Cloud Order” and setting it as their goal to spread the Haze across the world, with the intended effect unclear. Compared to other existential threats humanity is facing, this one has minimal relevance, so the attention to the Cloud Order from any official organizations mostly ends with acknowledgement of their existence. Indeed, after engaging them multiple times, Hwang Hae Jung and a certain friend of hers, an experienced battle mage (presumably her comrade since the Sochi Olympics), have harmed the Cloud Order’s plans significantly, even decommissioning two of its high-ranking members by the start of 2020.

As of February 2020, no studies have been published on the Haze, so any conjectures on it being a new dimensional aspect of our world, a different world entangled with ours, some noospheric projection onto the physical reality or a desperate attempt of a fraudulent gifted kid to force herself back into relevance remains to be seen.

3. Records of existence

3.1. Spotlight

24 year old Hwang Hae Jung is introduced and stars in a trilogy of short stories, of which, as of September 2021, one is unedited and two are in the early planning stage.

3.2. Sidelines

It is likely that Hwang Hae Jung’s existence has been or will be influential enough on other people’s lives to earn her a mention in someone else’s stories.

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