Taking on web design. Again.

2020, December 8, by Emerald

Oh dear. So much happened. I don't know whether I should attempt to even count the innumerable states of being I've cycled through since September. How much time has passed? How many lives have I tried to live? And now fragments of these lives all surround me, trying to dress me in a thousand costumes all at once...

But right now I am alone. Ostensibly free to do what I want to. Away from the cold wind of responsibility, kept outside by the windows... And thus I come back to this: hacking together a site. The short story I'm writing is bound to raise some questions... so let this site have the answers to them, be an encyclopedia of sorts. Like the 4lung Wiki, which I love so dearly. Well, it seems like it was my initial plan all along. How many lives ago has it been?..

Anyway, testing the new comments "function"! When you see this post, be sure to drop me a few lines of Lorem Ipsum! It will be nice.

Site officially under construction, yay!

2020, August 15, by Emerald

Hello, and welcome! This site might as well be empty right now, there is literally no content besides this news post — yet I'm still proud of it, because I am coding it myself from scratch! I can't be grateful enough to Neocities for providing this amazing opportunity to express yourself to so many people, now including me!

I know the coding as it is right now is hacky: I'm not a professional, after all. (Still, I can do better.) Right now my plans are on filling this site with content so there actually is stuff to look at! Expect to see more, and I would love it if you stick around. I'm a firm believer in the decentralization of the Internet, so I hope to make this site truly reflect my identity. Let's see if I can make it!

If you want to comment, email me at, and your comment will be placed here manually :D

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