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Site officially under construction, yay!

2020, August 15, by Emerald

Hello, and welcome! This site might as well be empty right now, there is literally no content besides this news post — yet I'm still proud of it, because I am coding it myself from scratch! I can't be grateful enough to Neocities for providing this amazing opportunity to express yourself to so many people, now including me!

I know the coding as it is right now is hacky: I'm not a professional, after all. (Still, I can do better.) Right now my plans are on filling this site with content so there actually is stuff to look at! Expect to see more, and I would love it if you stick around. I'm a firm believer in the decentralization of the Internet, so I hope to make this site truly reflect my identity. Let's see if I can make it!

If you want to comment, email me at, and your comment will be placed here manually :D

My name is Emerald, I'm a queer autistic 23 year old clay figurine, and I hope to make your life happier today. This site will host my writing, but mainly I am an artist, and my portfolio will also be displayed here.

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